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Merchandiser - Solid Door - Slant

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Leer Merchandiser. Digital image. Modern Ice Equipment and Supply. Modern Ice, 2015. Web. Oct. 2015. <>
A Single Door Merchandiser enables ice storage in smaller compact spaces.

Single slant door models are shaped as shown.
Solid door merchandisers are for outdoor operation only.
We offer one version of this model

Model 40
Capacity: 150/130 7lb Bags
Dimensions: 68.5" x 50.5" x 35.5"
Door size: 27" x 27"
** Same day and/or Off Route deliveries may be subject to a delivery fee. Hours of Services may vary and may not be available until the next business morning. Service limited to Hawaiian Ice Company merchandisers.
**A scheduled site check with Hawaiian Ice Company is required and must be conducted prior to merchandiser request & delivery. 
*Merchandiser models only available if in stock. Contact us for details and inquiries. Mahalo.
Open to the public 4am-5pm daily including weekends & holidays. To organize an ice supply or arrange a quote, contact our friendly staff today
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